As a coach, I try to be a coach that I would enjoy as a player. That coach is honest, and aggressive. Honest in terms of expectations, playing time, and why I choose to do things the way I do. Aggressive in the sense that everything I do is done with intensity, and with a purpose.

The atmosphere that I try to operate that aggressive style in though, is totally loose and laid back. I truly believe that enjoying softball leads to better results. Practice should be fun, drills, video sessions, games and everything about softball should be fun. If you can enjoy your work before games, then I feel like you will play better and enjoy it there too.

On the field, and in terms of coaching decisions, I’m very analytically based. I believe in the numbers, but I also believe in giving players freedom within the game. The freedom is hopefully based in the player knowing a lot about themselves, being aware of what they are capable of, and the numbers they personally generate.

Swing hard out there.